ArithmeticError Exception in Python

By Lenin Mishra

This is the part of the 9th day in the Python 30 series. Check out the series here.

The ArithmeticError Exception is the base class for all errors associated with arithmetic operation.

-> ArithmeticError
--> ZeroDivisionError
--> OverflowError
--> FloatingPointError
Example 1 - Handling ZeroDivisionError


except ArithmeticError as e:
    print(f"{e}, {e.__class__}")


division by zero, <class 'ZeroDivisionError'>

As you can see, the ArithmeticError exception class is able to handle ZeroDivisionError exception. The e.__class__ method tells you that it was a ZeroDivisionError.

Example 2 - Handling OverflowError


j = 5.0

    for i in range(1, 1000):
        j = j**i
except ArithmeticError as e:
    print(f"{e}, {e.__class__}")


(34, 'Result too large'), <class 'OverflowError'>

As you can see, by using the ArithmeticError exception class, you can handle both ZeroDivisionError and OverflowError exceptions.

Use this exception class, anytime you are unsure of any arithmetic operations and the errors that it might result in.

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