How to create a string in Python?

By Lenin Mishra

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What are strings in Python?

Strings are amongst the most popular data types in Python. A string can be defined as a sequence of characters.

Strings can be created by enclosing characters inside a single quote, double-quotes and triple quotes.


# Single Quotes
my_string = 'Pylenin'

# Double Quotes
my_string = "Pylenin"

# Triple Quotes
# can be extended over multiple lines
my_string = """Check out Pylenin
               for Python related blogs and videos"""


Check out Pylenin
               for Python related blogs and videos

As you can see in the code above, we are assigning a string to a variable. It is done with the variable name followed by an equal sign and the string.

Unless necessary, try not to use triple quotes for strings. It is generally used for writing docstrings in your Python code, which acts like a documentation.

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