Escape sequences in Python String

By Lenin Mishra

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Escape Sequences in Python

Escape sequences or Escape characters in Python, are used to insert characters that are illegal in a string.

Here is an example of an illegal character in a Python string.

Example1 - "Pylenin said, "Hi there""
Example2 - 'Pylenin said, 'Hi there''

In Example 1, we have double quotes inside double quotes. In Example 2, we have single quotes inside of single quotes. These qualify as illegal characters in a string.

If we try to print it, Python will throw us a SyntaxError.

One way to fix this is by using Escape characters or sequences.

If we are using single quotes to represent a string, all the single quotes inside the string must be escaped with a \ character.

Similarly, if we are using double quotes to represent a string, all the double quotes inside the string must be escaped with a \ character. .


str1 = "Pylenin said, \"Hi there\""

str2 = 'Pylenin said, \'Hi there\''


Pylenin said, "Hi there"
Pylenin said, 'Hi there'

Other Escape Sequences in Python

Escape Sequence Description
\newline Backslash and newline ignored
\ Backlash
\’ Single Quote
\” Double Quote
\a ASCII Bell
\b ASCII Backspace
\f ASCII Formfeed
\n ASCII Linefeed
\r ASCII Carriage Return
\t ASCII Horizontal Tab
\v ASCII Vertical Tab
\ooo Character with octal value ooo
\xHH Character with hexadecimal value HH
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