Installing Python 3 on Windows

By Lenin Mishra

Over the years, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages. It has its application in many fields. Installing Python is the first step towards becoming a python programmer in 2021.

In this article, you will learn to install Python 3 on windows. Since 2020, Python 2 has already become obsolete. The whole world has switched to Python 3 and for all the right reasons.

This article will show you how to install Python 3.9(the latest version) and start programming using the command line interface.

Step 1 - Visit Python official website

Visit the official website of the Python Programming language and click on Downloads.

Website of Python Programming Language

Step 2 - Download the latest version of Python

Once you are in the Downloads page, click the button for the Latest Python 3 Release - Download Python 3.x.x. As of today, the latest version was Python 3.9.1.

Once you click on the Download button, the installer should be downloaded.

Download Python Installer

Step 3 - Start Installation

Double click on the installer to start the installation process for Python 3.9. It will open up a dialog box like below.

Dialog Box for Python 3 Installer

Make sure to check the dialog box for “ADD Python 3.9 to PATH” present at the bottom of the dialog box.

By adding Python 3.9 to PATH, you will be able to execute Python interpretor from any directory in your Windows system.

Then click on Install Now. You should see the installation process begin.

Python 3 Installation

Step 4 - Successful Setup

If your installation process ran fine, you should see a Successful Setup message like below. You can close the dialog box after this message.

Python 3 Successful Setup

You are now ready to run Python.

Step 5 - Check your Python version

Open your Command line terminal and type python --version. You should see the version of Python that you have downloaded.

Python 3 version on windows

Step 6 - Hello World!

Next type python on your command line terminal and press Enter. This opens an interactive session of Python 3.9 on your terminal In your interactive session, type print("Hello World!") and press Enter.

Python 3 Hello World

Now you can run any kind of python code in this interactive session. Try doing some mathematical calculation and see how Python works with arithmetic operators.

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