Pylenin Weekly #1

Let's make 2022 the most important year for our careers.

Pylenin Weekly #1

2022 is going to be the year of collaboration. Together, we are going to learn some interesting topics in the field of programming, software development, Data Engineering, Machine Learning and every other thing that is important for our careers.

We will begin this year by launching Pylenin Weekly - a curated weekly newsletter that will provide you a synopsis of all the topics covered on Pylenin and Datachef. We will also discuss new skills that are looked for by recruiters and how to outperform ourselves in every job interview.

I would like to send this 1st Pylenin Weekly for 2022 with a simple Thank you!

Thank you for spending some of your time this year with me. πŸ™

Thank you for investing a little bit of yourself in helping others. πŸ™

You are what makes Pylenin special.

What's upcoming in January 2022?

  1. Python Bootcamp 2022 - Learn Python the easy way with simple blogs and good explanatory videos on every topic. Watch out this page for all the updates.
  2. How to begin your journey as a Data Engineer? Check out our partner website Datachef for all the upcoming blogs on the same topic.

Finally, wishing you all a Happy New Year 2022, from myself and my family. Let's stay connected!

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