Pylenin Weekly #15

I am a father!

Pylenin Weekly #15

Welcome to Pylenin Weekly #15, a newsletter dedicated to improving the lives of my fellow peers through knowledge sharing in the field of programming and data.

Today, we are not going to discuss anything about Python or Data Engineering. I am here with a personal update. I have become a father to a beautiful daughter!

My daughter Yashika was born on 18th April 2022. I and my wife haven't been able to process the last week as it was full of ups and downs.

My wife had to undergo a Cesarean operation for the delivery of our baby. The baby was in a transverse lie position, due to which we couldn't go for normal delivery. Thankfully, I have a very strong wife!

Our baby came out with high Bilirubin levels. This meant she had Neo-Natal Jaundice. Usually, babies should have Bilirubin levels under 10. The levels kept on increasing for consecutively 3 days(it went past 20), due to which we had to admit our daughter into a Neo-Natal ICU. She was given intensive Phototherapy and after 2 days of stay, her bilirubin levels dropped to 6! Yay!

We finally brought our daughter home, yesterday evening. She is still under observation and shall have her blood tested if the levels have increased again. The last few days have been bittersweet and we as a family have been through a plethora of sentiments that are very hard to put into words.

We are still not sharing our baby pictures until she fully recovers. But I will share them with you soon!

Thank you again for being a part of my family!

Thank you for all the support you have provided me until now!

See you next week! Bye!

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