Pylenin Weekly #18

Python modules, packages and libraries, working with the logging, datetime and json module and connecting to Google sheets through Google Cloud Console.

Pylenin Weekly #18

Welcome to Pylenin Weekly #18, a newsletter dedicated to improving the lives of my fellow peers through knowledge sharing in the field of programming and data.

This week, I have some awesome articles for you in the field of Python and Data Engineering. Let the learning begin.

Python articles

Modules, Packages and Libraries in Python

You might have heard these names in Python. A lot of times, you might be using the terms interchangeably!

But it is time to understand what they truly are! Check out this article explaining the true difference between Modules, Packages and Libraries in Python.

Modules, packages and libraries in Python
Learn the difference between modules, packages and libraries and ways to work with them in Python 3.

A Step-by-Step guide to Python Logging

Logging is one of the most essential requirements of any software development process. Python comes with a great module that provides rich logging features to the user. Check out the article.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Python Logging
A comprehensive guide to understanding the advantages and usage of Python Logging module.

Mastering Python datetime

How often does it happen, that you have to work with date and time objects in Python and every time, you end up googling!

Not any more! Time for you to master the Python datetime library, once and for all.

Mastering Python Datetime (With Examples)
A comprehensive guide to working with python datetime objects and timezones in Python.

Data Engineering with Python

Working with JSON in Python

JSON is a very important data type that is used all over the internet to exchange information betwwen servers and browsers. So it becomes important to be able to work with JSON files properly.

Check out this article on working with JSON in Python by using the json module.

Working with JSON data in Python
Learn to read, write and parse JSON easily in Python

Connecting Python to Google Sheets

To parse Google Sheets, you have to go through the Google Cloud Console to access the Google Sheets API. Below is a tried and tested step-by-step visual guide to connect to Google Sheets API in Python. Do check it out.

Connecting Python to Google Sheets
A visual guide to connect with Google Sheets using the Google Cloud Console.

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