Pylenin Weekly #19

Python timeit module, web scraping with Beautiful Soup and Requests library.

Pylenin Weekly #19

Welcome to Pylenin Weekly #19, a newsletter dedicated to improving the lives of my fellow peers through knowledge sharing in the field of programming and data.

This week has been dedicated to Python libraries and packages. The modules/libraries covered are:-

  1. timeit
  2. Beautiful soup
  3. Requests

Python articles

Python timeit module

The timeit module in python helps you measure execution time of your Python code. You use the timeit module to benchmark different methods in Python and figure out the fastest way.

Check out the below article to learn more about the module.

Python Timeit Module (With Examples)
Learn how to use the python timeit module to measure the execution time of your Python code.

Python HTTP Methods

In this article, we will focus on learning about the 4 common HTTP methods - GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

You will learn about their properties and experiment with the Github API using python's Requests library to get a strong understanding of how these HTTP methods are used in real life projects.

Check out the article below!

Python HTTP Methods Tutorial
Learn the most common HTTP Methods like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE with Requests library and Github API.

Web scraping Wikipedia tables with Beautiful soup

In this article you will learn to perform Web Scraping using the Beautiful Soup and Requests in Python 3.


You are going to scrape a Wikipedia table in order to fetch all the information, filter it(if necessary) and store them in a CSV.

Web Scraping Wikipedia tables with Beautiful Soup
A complete python tutorial on performing web scraping with the Beautiful soup library.

How to connect Python to the Google Sheets API?

As the volume of data increases, Python proves much more powerful and practical to perform data analysis and machine learning on your Google sheet data to provide actionable intelligence. It does that through the help of powerful libraries and huge online support group. This is why you should connect Python to Google Sheets.

You can connect Python to Google Sheets by creating a service account in Google Cloud Console which allows you to make authorized API calls to the Google Sheets API.

Check out the step-by-step visual guide below.

Connecting Python to Google Sheets
A visual guide to connect with Google Sheets using the Google Cloud Console.

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