Pylenin Weekly #2

Python strings and the fun methods that come with it!

Pylenin Weekly #2
Pylenin Weekly

Hello friends,

Welcome to 2nd Issue of Pylenin Weekly! This newsletter is carefully curated by developers, for the beginners and professionals in the field of programming.

I hope you enjoy our top articles of this week.

From our Blog

  1. 10 Common Python String Methods
    Learn to use common python methods with strings. 10 methods have been explained with proper examples.

  2. How to tell a story with Matplotlib
    10 highly visual plotting techniques in Python using the Matplotlib library. The blog is available on our second blog - Datachef.

Other interesting blogs to read

  1. Let's explore the Python - Ashwin Mandaokar
  2. Implementing RSA in Python from scratch - Coderoasis

Hope you have learnt something this week. See you again, next Sunday!

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