Pylenin Weekly #3

Handling exceptions in Python and how to decide which newsletter is best for you!

Pylenin Weekly #3

Hello friends,

This week we take a deep dive into handling exceptions in Python. Below is a list of blogs that we have released on the above mentioned topic.

  1. Using Try, Except, Else and Finally keywords to handle exceptions in Python. Check out the blog here or click the link below.
Python Exception Handling: Try, Except, Else and Finally
An example based guide to handle Python exceptions using try, except, else and finally keywords.

2. There will be scenarios, where you have to face and handle more than one exceptions. Check out our article on this topic of handling multiple exceptions with ease.

Catching Multiple Exceptions in Python
Learn to catch multiple exceptions in Python using try and except.

3. Sometimes, inbuilt exception classes is not enough in Python. It is advised to build you own custom exception classes in order to deal with customized scenarios. Check out our guide on how to build your own custom exception class.

How to define Custom Exception Class in Python?
Learn to build custom exception classes in Python that provide more flexibility and readability.

Next week, we are going to deep dive into various exception classes that are inbuilt in Python and see how we ca use them to build better code!

Recently, I asked this question to myself while I was trying to decide which newsletter is useful for me. I have put down 3 easy ways to decide if joining a newsletter is worth your time. Check out my tweet here.

Do join my Twitter family here.

Hope you all had a great week! See you again next weekend with some interesting Python and Data related blogs and ideas. Till then, Stay safe!

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