Pylenin Weekly #4

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Pylenin Weekly #4
Pylenin Weekly

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Issue #4 of Pylenin Weekly. We are coming to the end of January and with this, we have finished our entire blog series on Python Exceptions.

This week, I have published articles on all the different exception classes that you may deal with and how to handle them using the try-except block.

Below are the different Exception classes in Python.

  1. KeyError Exception
  2. OverflowError Exception
  3. ArithmeticError Exception
  4. IndexError Exception
  5. LookupError Exception
  6. StopIteration Exception
  7. TypeError Exception
  8. NameError Exception
  9. FileNotFoundError Exception
  10. ZeroDivisionError Exception

Click on any of the above articles to learn more about that particular exception with examples.

This week, at work, I had a discussion with my technical managers about how to build better code and more importantly, build it faster! We came to the conclusion that, continuous progress is always more important than trying to reach for an ideal destination from the first moment itself.

I have tried to summarize my feelings in this tweet.

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