Pylenin Weekly #6

Python Lists, a book recommendation and podcast on finding work from home jobs in 2022.

Pylenin Weekly #6

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Pylenin Weekly #6. This week we are covering Python lists. We will dive into the theoretical aspect, look into some special list methods and also solve some interesting programming questions related to Python lists.

Python List Fundamentals

Python Lists (With Examples)
Learn to create and use lists data type in Python 3 with examples.

Python List Examples

  1. Find the largest number in a list
  2. Remove duplicates from a list in Python
  3. Remove consecutive duplicates from a list in Python
  4. Count occurrences of an element in list

A Book recommendation..

Recently I read Skill,it Kill it by Ronnie Screwvala.

I guess, I have been influenced a lot by Shark Tank India. Apart from watching the show, I have been spending some time watching and reading about other entrepreneurs. This is how I came across this book written by Ronnie Screwvala . Interesting, Amazon was delivering the book same day and I couldn't resist.

A great deal of this book is about different soft skills.
1. How communication is one of the most important asset at your disposal!
2. Why whiners tend to loose!
3. Why is it important to be empathetic?
and many more.

The book is a very smooth read, with interesting stories. I mean, I finished the book in one sitting - without a wink.

What is also interesting is the kind of personalities Ronnie has used in the book to demonstrate his stories. From Shah Rukh Khan to Amitabh kant, the CEO of NITI Aayog Official, from Kiran Mazumdar, chairperson of Biocon to Ritesh Agarwal, founder of OYO! I guess, your friend circle says everything about you! If you surround yourself with knowledgeable and successful people, you also become successful! :-)

My favorite line from the book - "Jugaad doesn't mean shortcuts!"

Skill it, Kill it: Up your game

Buy it on Amazon

How to find Work from home jobs in 2022? Listen to my podcast here..

Recently, I did a podcast on the importance of Work from home jobs and how they can be useful both for the employee and the employer in raising the efficiency of the work culture.

You can listen to my podcast here.

Thank you everyone for being a part of Pylenin. Have a fabulous Sunday!

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