Python String casefold() Method

By Lenin Mishra

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The casefold() method in Python returns a case folded copy of a string where all characters are lowercase.


str1 = "Pylenin writes about Python."



pylenin writes about python.

The casefold() method is similar to lower() method. However, it is more aggresive.

casefold() method is best suited for caseless matching.

What is Caseless Matching?

Caseless Matching is a way of erasing case differences in strings by mapping characters of different cases to a single form.

For example, the German lowercase letter is equivalent to ss.

Let’s look at the example below.


str1 = "Pylenin has a nice dress."
str2 = "Pylenin has a nice dre�."

# Experiment with lower()
print(str1.lower() == str2.lower())

# Experiment with casefold
print(str1.casefold() == str2.casefold())



While the lower() method was unable to convert the german character, casefold() method converted it successfully and hence showed that both the strings are the same.

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