Python String isnumeric() Method

By Lenin Mishra

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Python String isnumeric() method

The isnumeric() method in Python returns True, if all characters are numeric (0-9).

What are numerical characters in Python?

The following characters are considered numerical in Python

  1. Decimal characters (like: 0, 1, 2 etc.)
  2. subscript and superscript
  3. Characters having Unicode numeric value property (e.g. fractions, roman numerals, currency numerators)


  1. Negative integers like -1 are not numerical as the - symbol is not numeric.
  2. Floats like 2.3 are not numerical as . is not a numeric character.
Syntax of isnumeric() method

Returns True or False


# string with integers
s = '1992'
>>> True

# negative integer
s = '-1992'
>>> False

# Unicode
s = '\u0660'
>>> True

# alphanumeric
>>> False

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