Python String split() Method

By Lenin Mishra

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Python String split() method

The split() method in Python splits a string into a list, starting from the left.

When maxsplit is specified, the list will contain the specified number of elements plus one.

Syntax of split() method
string.split(separator, maxsplit)

separator: Specifies the separator to 
           use when splitting the string(Optional). 
           By default any whitespace is a separator
maxsplit:  Specifies how many splits to do(Optional). 
           Default value is -1, which is "all occurrences"


str1 = "Pylenin loves Python"
>>> ['Pylenin', 'loves', 'Python']

# Using the maxsplit parameter
str1 = "Pylenin loves Python"
print(str1.split(" ", 1))
>>> ['Pylenin', 'loves Python']

str1 = "Pylenin loves Python"
print(str1.split("loves", 1))
>>> ['Pylenin ', ' Python']

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