Python String splitlines() Method

By Lenin Mishra

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Python String splitlines() method

The splitlines() method in Python splits the string at line breaks and returns a list of lines in the string.

The following symbols are considered as line breaks for splitlines().

  1. \n - Line Feed
  2. \r - Carriage Return
  3. \r\n - Carriage Return and Line Feed
  4. \v - Line Tabulation
  5. \f- Form Feed
Syntax of splitlines() method

keepends: Specifies if the line breaks 
          should be included - True or False(Optional)
          Default value is False. 


str1 = "Pylenin loves Python.\nHe also likes Apples."
>>> ['Pylenin loves Python.', 'He also likes Apples.']

str1 = "Pylenin loves Python.\nHe also likes Apples."
>>> ['Pylenin loves Python.\n', 'He also likes Apples.']

str1 = "Pylenin\rPython\nApples\r\nBlogs\vYoutube\f"
>>> ['Pylenin', 'Python', 'Apples', 'Blogs', 'Youtube']

str1 = "Pylenin\rPython\nApples\r\nBlogs\vYoutube\f"
>>> ['Pylenin\r', 'Python\n', 'Apples\r\n', 'Blogs\x0b', 'Youtube\x0c']

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