How to replace characters in a string in Python?

By Lenin Mishra

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Can we replace characters in a string in Python?

In Python, strings are immutable.

This means, elements of a string cannot be changed or replaced once they have been assigned.


x = "Pylenin"
x[0] = "L"


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "file_location", line 2, in <module>
    x[0] = "L"
TypeError: 'str' object does not support item assignment

However, we can certainly create a copy of our string with our necessary replacements.

Method 1 - Python string replace() method

The replace() method replaces a specified character/phrase with another.

Syntax of replace()

string.replace(oldstring, newstring, count)

oldstring - The string to replace(required)
newstring - The string to replace with(required)
count - A number specifying how many occurrences 
        of the old value you want to replace. 
        Default is all occurrences (optional)
Example 1

Replace all occurences of the word Pylenin.


txt = "I like Pylenin"

x = txt.replace("Pylenin", "Python")



I like Python
Example 2

Replace the first two occurrence of the word Python.


txt = "Python is the best. " \
      "I love Python. " \
      "I enjoy Python"

x = txt.replace("Python", "Pylenin", 2)



Pylenin is the best. I love Pylenin. I enjoy Python

Method 2 - Python list() method

Another solution would be to convert a string to a python list and then make necessary changes. Unlike Python strings, Python lists are mutable.


old_str = "foofoo"

str_list = list(old_str)
str_list[0] = 'd'
new_string = "".join(str_list)



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