Forum to request tutorials

The objective of Pylenin is to bring you the tutorials on Python that not only provide you the required knowledge, but is also significantly relevant to our current generation. With so many viewers watching and learning from the content, it is important that the content supply should be inline with the demand. To help me make better choices about creating content in Python, I have built this forum for all of you to post the topics you are interested to learn. That way we can prioritize the topics that are more in demand.

Please follow the rules before posting.

  • Keep the topics canonical. Don't post multiple topics in one comment.
  • Before you post your topics, take a look at the topics. may be your topic of interest is already there. Please don't post the same topic again and again.
  • If you find your topic already mentioned in the forum, Just upvote the topic to show that you are also interested in it. The number of upvotes will help me decide, which topics are most in demand.
  • Every topic is important, so please don't downvote any topic.