Hire me for FREE!

Why I want to work for free?

The best way to learn or master any skill is to do a project related to that field. As a Data Engineer and Python developer, I aspire to learn different tools that will help me do my job better.

But when I am learning new tools, it is impossible to master it, unless I apply my knowledge to a real world project!

Therefore, this is my way of getting new projects to apply my knowledge. I am willing to take up projects from certain areas for free - Just for the experience!

What do you get?

  1. My undivided attention to the project until it's completion.
  2. Get your task accomplished for free!
  3. All professional standards shall be followed - Task discovery, timeline estimates , sprint planning(if necessary) and regular progress updates.

Just because I am working for free, doesn't mean it will be half hearted!

What do I get?

  1. Experience of a tool's utility and application in a real world project.
  2. Permission to write a blog about my learnings. Before publishing, it will pass through your team's scrutiny.

If you are willing to allow me to let in your project and help me learn a field/tool inside out, I am willing to offer my services for free!

Please check if your project uses any of the below tools/fields!

What fields/tools I want to work on?

Here are a list of tools/services that I would like to learn and therefore, I will take up any project for free in these areas.

  1. Orchaestration tools - Airflow, Prefect etc.
  2. BI tools - Tableau, Looker, Power BI, Sigma, Superset etc.
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Big data - Pyspark, Azkaban, AWS EMR etc.
  5. CDP tools - Segment, Klaviyo etc.

If you have tasks from some other fields or tools and you think it might be worth learning, you can reach out to me too!

How to approach me for free work?

You have to create a job on Upwork and invite me directly. Just assign the lowest budget for the task.

Or, directly get in touch with me! Email me - leninmishra92@gmail.com

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