Drool 1: Animation With Matplotlib

I have been a Python developer for 4 years and I never gave a hoot about building animations or gifs in Python. I mean, why would I? Who has this much of free time? Not me for sure !! But yesterday, I came to realize it’s value.

I was building a Business Intelligence Report for the Monthly Meeting of our company. I wanted to show them the increase/decrease in our orders over the last 1 year. There comes our trustee Matplotlib library. Oh Yes !!

I had an amazing graph and everything looked good. But then something occurred to me.

What if I can animate this thing and explain the seasonality in our orders??

That would be amazing, right? But I don’t know how to animate in Python. So I started going through the Matplotlib documentation and some articles over the internet…. And look what I built !!

If you think that’s the graph of our company’s orders, then Sorry, it’s not !! I can’t show you classified information. But the concept still applies to every situation. Check out the source code here.

Here are some additional resources to understand animations with the Matplotlib library.

  1. Matplotlib Documentation

  2. Animations with Matplotlib - A Medium Article by Parul Pandey

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