Drool 2: Reddit comments are better than Medium blogs

Wooooooaaaahhh !!!!

They say if Twitter is evil, Reddit is Satan !! To some extent, it’s true. You can’t recognize people in their true self through their usernames and Reddit doesn’t ban anyone from it’s platform(no matter how rudely they behave).

However, this also means, People reply and discuss things with a lot of passion, enthusiasm and honesty. They don’t shy away from giving their opinion. This quality of Reddit actually makes it one of the best hubs for knowledge.

And when it comes to Python, I believe there are some Reddit posts(along with comments) that are way better in terms of content than any other blog or video on the same topic in the internet in regards to providing context into the subject.

Let’s drool over some amazing Reddit Posts on Python topics.

  1. How not to be a Script Kiddie ?

  2. Can anyone suggest a more efficient/pythonic way of writing out long elif statements?

    Pay attention to the comment that uses the random module. So elegant !!

  3. Introducing hypothesis-auto: Python Tests That Write Themselves

  4. Help understanding the strangeness of dict

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