Python Bootcamp

Go from beginner to intermediate in Python programming with this free Bootcamp.

Python Bootcamp
Python Bootcamp 2023

Welcome to the self-paced Python Bootcamp

This course has been designed, keeping in mind the current requirements of Python in jobs across different profiles and the minimum effort required to master Python as a choice of programming language.

In this bootcamp, you will have the access to the best resources for every topic that should help you begin your journey in Python. Along with daily tutorials that include articles and videos, you will also be asked to test your learning through a series of problems related to the topic.

Whether you are aiming to join a Fortune 500 corporation or desire to pursue a freelancing career in programming, it is important to know what is hot in the industry. Python continues to be the language that is pretty much used in every company around the world for various purposes. This also means that there is a huge potential for you to land a job as a Python developer.

Check out this article demonstrating 5 key reasons to learn Python in 2023.

Top 5 career-driven reasons to learn Python in 2021
Is Python good for your career? Here are 5 reasons to help you decide if you should learn Python in 2021.

Who is this Bootcamp for?

  1. For those who have never programmed.
  2. Programmers coming from another language to learn Python.
  3. Programmers who know the basics and want to level up their skills.

Where to ask doubts?

The best place to reach me directly is Twitter. Just send me your doubts directly there and I will try to address them asap.

Another benefit of using Twitter is that others could both learn and engage with your question. So feel free to drop me a message now and then!

To stay updated with my latest blogs and YouTube videos, you could also join my official Telegram channel.

Day 1 - Installing Python and Hello World!

  1. Check out this installation guide to install Python on your machine. The article demonstrates installing Python 3.9 on Windows 10, but you can use the instructions for any OS.
  2. Next you will need an IDE. We suggest you to choose either VS Code or Pycharm Community Edition. Check out their installation guide here.
  3. Every programmer's first code - Hello World!. Check out this article to learn about printing anything in Python.
  4. Problems to solve

Day 2 - Passing comments, Keywords and Identifiers

The best time to learn the best practices in anything is when you are a beginner. The habits you develop in that phase, stay with you forever.

  1. Check out this article to learn about using comments and its importance in Python Programming.
  2. Learn about Keywords and Identifiers used in Python in this article.

Day 3 - Python Variables and String Formatting

  1. Youtube Video on Variable and String Formatting
  2. Check out this article on working with variables - Understanding Variables in Python 3
  3. Further Reading on String Formatting - Learn 4 ways to format strings in Python

BONUS - Understanding width and precision in string formatting.

Day 25 - Modules, packages and libraries in Python

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